Our Transport Solutions

Our Transport Solutions



We manage. You relax.
Included in the price: the Skipper touch…
Evolution 1 ON-DEMAND TRANSPORT I need, right now !
Need for shipping a package, a pallet or a full container, a stone's throw away or at the other side of the world? No impossible mission for SKIPPER TRANSIT, now your partner for all your transport operations, from the simple fold or cover to the exceptional convoy.
Evolution 2 OPTIMIZED TRANSPORT Let's change into the second gear !
You are facing a fast economic growth ? Your transport requests become more and more frequent ? it’s time to move into an optimization plan with the SKIPPER TRANSIT EVOLUTION 2.
Evolution 3 SYNCHRONIZED TRANSPORT Boom ! It's automatic !
Strong and capital link of a successful transport outsourcing plan, the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) interfaces and webservice interfaces offer you a very high reliability in the transfer of important data related to your activity. The SKIPPER TRANSIT EVOLUTION 3 plays the hand of the complete information systems synchronization of all your transport partners. Let go, it's automatic !
Evolution 4 SHARED TRANSPORT The more we know, the more we grow !
A fully automated transport outsourcing is good. But if you add performance mastering and data sharing, it's even better. We cannot manage what we cannot measure. It's no longer an issue now. Let’s move up to the next step with the SKIPPER TRANSIT EVOLUTION 4.
Evolution 5 ALL-IN TRANSPORT The highest mount !
Highest stair of your transport outsourcing strategy. Entrust SKIPPER TRANSIT with all of your transport flows : single-parcel, courier, charter, whether by road, sea or air ; and access your own transport control cell, whatever your volumes and destinations. Fully automated processes, structuration and optimization of your transport plans, dispatching of transport orders to the different service providers, management of the loading capacities, management of customer appointments, production of tailor-made performance indicators, specific action plans... welcome to the SKIPPER TRANSIT EVOLUTION 5.


We have customized solutions for you.
Logistics Quality control And meticulous investigation
Skipper Logistique can make on your behalf or along with your inspection delegation the operations you need to guarantee the quality of your deliveries.
Logistics Marketing campaign management Ready, set, delivered!
When logistics becomes a marketing tool, Skipper is on your side to implement the smartest promotional campaigns.
Logistics Delayed differentiation But still on time
High customization for your clients, with low level of storage, this is the challenge Skipper Logistique is taking up with you!
Logistics Customer returns Put a smile on their face
Customer returns have a big part of the logistics management which is why Skipper has developed automated and specific processes.
Logistics Contract packing Think outside the box
Consulting Initial audit Once upon a time…
Any successful launch needs to go through a preparatory stage. Our project managers from the "Process & Méthodes" unit will help you implement your outsourcing project or your transport guidance cell.
Computing Baliseo.com Home made awesomeness
Baliseo.com is our web application dedicated to guide your flows and transport and control in real time the performance of your supply chain.
Computing Specific software development It almost seems easy
Logistics and computing cannot be dealt separately. This is why Skipper Technologies has developed its own IT systems to perfectly match your needs.
Computing Electronic Data Interface (EDI) E.T. phone home
Data shared through EDI are at the core of Skipper Technologies which has developed a solid expertise based on cutting-edge communications means.
Transportation Inter-plant shuttle On Earth only
For your regular flows from one facility to another, Skipper Logistique provides you with shuttles equipped with computer hardware, for a tailored service.
Transportation Transport guidance cell With our very own GPS
Outsource the management of your delivery via our transport guidance cell, no matter your type of transport: single package, courier, freight, by sea or by air. A representative will be dedicated to manage your flows and provide you with performance indicators.
Transportation Customs formalities Do you need a Visa?
Give the management of your customs formalities to Skipper Transit then all you have to do is to relax!
Transportation Sea transport Like a duck to water
Skipper Transit makes its worldwide network available for you to organize your sea transport towards any destination and for any load.
Transportation Air transport In a cloudless sky
Skipper Transit makes its worldwide network available for you to organize your air transport towards any destination and for any load.
Transportation Chartering Hit the road, Jack!
With a large network of more than 200 carriers in Europe, Skipper Transit can take care of the organization of your road chartering, from a container to a one shot, delivered directly at your client's and 100% traceable on Baliseo.com.