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Supply-chain facilities management

We didn't choose to specialize in logistics. Logistics chose us! 


'All-in-one' outsourcing
Skipper Logistique has developed a concept combining management of physical and informational flows. This service includes the management of your flows from our warehouse, while allowing you to choose the carrier of your choice: it can be Skipper Transit or another carrier.
High rate of service
Skipper offers a service made of day-to-day measurement and performance indicators where the supply-chain management of your business is competitive, easy to track, and based on high quality standards.
A trustful team by your side
Technology would not exist without the men and women who created it. That is why at Skipper we put our human resources at the center of our activity. What we like to call our 'gross domestic happiness' (increasing ever year) is the guarantee of your success!
Innovation without limits
Since each case is specific, we adapt our services to your needs, including a permanent search for innovation and high technology. Shoulder to shoulder, we support you and secure your strategy.
Our Logistics Solutions


Guidance and organization of your transport

Sit down and enjoy the ride. We'll take care of it. 


Delivering 8,000 packages in 24 hours?
Not a problem! Official sponsor of impossible missions (we are not talking about the movie), Skipper Transit assists you in your most challenging delivery operations, within a few miles or on the other side of the world. Thanks to our large network of transport partners, we can take care of all deliveries, from small packages to wide loads.
We drive, fly and sail. Anything for you!
Based on multimodal transport, we are able to find the best transportation means to meet your need. Aircraft, boats, trucks… No matter what it takes, we'll get you there. To make you and your clients happy, that is the Skipper guarantee!
Customs formality assistance
Crossing borders has never been easier with Skipper Transit . Our customs correspondent will take care of the customs formalities and will be dedicated to your project from Skipper Logistique facilities or from any port and airport you might need his help.
A cell of transport guidance
You can outsource the management of your shipping and let our cell of transport guidance manage them. You can then access our software and track the progress of the delivery, whatever the type of transport is.
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Software management and specific development

This is our favorite job. And we do it well! 


Manage your supply chain in real time
Thanks to our very own software, Baliseo.com, get a personal access to our apps store and follow your deliveries in real time, wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection.
Our systems synced with yours
Our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) facility makes it easy to communicate with your business partners and to relate to all the ERP software on the market. This way we can guarantee an optimum synchronization of our systems.
A well-controlled innovation
According to us, the key element of a successful outsourcing is a good IT system. This is why we have concentrated our effort in placing high tech software development at the top of our concerns. Skipper Technologies gathers a group of talented engineers whose job is to guarantee flexibility, reactivity and innovation in a secure environment.
Working as an integrated computing services company, Skipper Technologies will send you one of their project managers to together build an IT system architecture that fits your needs in logistics and transport. We will work with you shoulder-to-shoulder to level the playing field for your company.
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Audit and assistance in logistics operations

We will guide you in the right direction, with our very own GPS… 


We listen
Benefit from our skills in flow management which we acquired through years of experience in various sectors. We will look closely into your internal processes and draw recommendations and notes to help your business work smarter and more efficiently.
We get you started
Our Process and Methods department is entirely dedicated to the analysis and optimization of your supply chain. Therefore, we are able to provide you with the best advice regarding your outsourcing based on specific research and previous experiences.
We look for improvement
Thanks to our long history working in the industry sector, our Process and Methods department have developed skills to design the best plans for your needs. Lean Manufacturing and 5S are no secret to us.
We can also move in
If you want, Skipper can send their teams to assist you wherever you are located. This way you can take advantage of our expertise without outsourcing, and directly in your warehouse.
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