Skipper Campus

The concept

The human adventure
Glass, concrete, but not only !

Glass and concrete, for a robust and luminous building, a « Campus », on the same level : the human adventure goes on in this conviviality that never leaves us, the essential base of our ongoing growth and of our state of mind.

Located in Rhône-Alpes, at the gates of Ardèche, in this city of Le Pouzin which knows us so well, this Campus wears number 10 in our Skipper sites list. A universe that is the mirror of the Group, favorable for a collaborative atmosphere with a strong technological cover. All this in a landscaped area everybody like to come...and come back.

With no hierarchical levels, in favor of an innovative architectural approach, the SKIPPER Campus is made to facilitate the daily life of everyone but also to welcome you in the best conditions. Be careful, it is not impossible to cross some strange robots in our corridors !

Welcome elsewhere !

Welcome in this so unique and made-in-SKIPPER place : the SKIPPER Campus stands for the strong determination of everyone to base the Skipper Groupe trajectory of the next 20 years, and why not the next 100.

Absolutely in line with the Group’s strategic orientation and supported with a collective conviction that this structural shift is obvious, the SKIPPER Campus becomes the place of sharing and gathering of all Skipper members and their energy (and there is a lot !).


One for all, all for one !
Comfort and friendliness

At the SKIPPER Campus, we get rid of any notion of distance: our connected telepresence robots allow you, but also our colleagues, whether Parisians, Ardéchois or Americans, to compete with Jake Sully and his blue Avatar, and to virtually join us within the Campus.

Pleasure of receiving, an art of living that we pampered everyday. Each square meter is important in our Campus. It allows us to welcome you whenever you want in a unique , warm and cosy atmosphere, in brief, elsewhere.

Project management

While it is true that a multi-storey architecture allows us to exercise through each of its stairs, nevertheless it spoils the essential to us: the simple and fast access to each of our team members.

Open spaces, without any separating walls, with many cocooning areas for our project management, the emphasis is on creativity and the natural intention of everybody to work in groups. And it works !

Tailor-made indoor spaces but also outdoor. A dry garden has been designed to facilitate outdoor working, an additional option that guarantees comfort and energy on many customer projects.


(Creativity)² + (Technology)² + (Team spirit)²
Preparing tomorrow is like succeeding today

Although there is neither Dr. Frankenstein nor Dr. ‘Maboul’, however it is possible to reconstitute a logistics platform in a reduced-scale model, co-located with different objects made via our 3D printer, itself wirelessly connected to a computer park from where our software solutions can be designed and approuved.

Welcome to the Campus 'Valley'!

Brain fusion

A strong technological contribution is essential to boost our creativity and to create a working environment generating new ideas, to offer our customers the most suitable solutions.

In order to give new impetus to our growth of tomorrow, Skipper Groupe has designed the ‘Skipper Lab’, a technological and fully equipped workshop, dedicated to create, test and improve our new processes.

Professional training

To the blackboard
Everybody as a unique skill

Whether they are experts in logistics methods, master in customer integration, scientis-practitioner in Excel or experienced trilingual, each Skipper can become a volunteer trainer and share his experience with the members of the Group.

If some do not regret the white chalk and the blackboard, at the SKIPPER Sup’ we recycle and share the brainpower.

Welcome to SKIPPER SUP’

Always in a spirit of sharing and collaborating, our internal training school, the ‘Skipper Sup’, completes the concreted and glazed structure of the Skipper Campus, offering a breathtaking view of the hills of Ardèche.

Transmissions of in-house skills and welcoming of external trainers, the Skipper Sup is a direct access to learning for all of us.

In an family and teambuilding atmosphere, our training department aims at improving our knowledge within the company.